Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle Contest

My friend Laura's persistence has paid off in a BIG way. She has convinced Fat Quarter Shop to let her host an awesome contest in which the winner will get their choice of fabrics! Here are the details from her site:

It's finally here! Nope, not Christmas which a lot of you are still celebrating as I write this, but the day AFTER Christmas (known in various parts of the world as Boxing Day), which is the day I have been waiting for, the day I can reveal all... Very exciting sponsored competition! Sooo excited about this.

If you have looked through the Fat Quarter Shop's FQ bundles section, you will surely have noticed the 'Blogger's Choice Bundles'. Woweee, I thought. Wouldn't it be great to be so famous a blogger that you get your own bundle listed in the FQS?

I thought it might be fun to post what I'd put together as a bundle for FQS if I was a famous blogger.

And then I thought you might find that fun too!

Especially if FQS has hopped on board and offered one lucky person a fat quarter bundle all of their own choosing as a prize.

Well, sorry, that's not happening.

Nope, not a fat quarter bundle. They're offering you a WHOLE HALF YARD of 15 fabrics of your choice - 12 prints and 3 solids. The only problem now is that I can't win. Dammit.

What you need to do:

Go to The Fat Quarter Shop website and choose 12 coordinating prints and 3 solids from their selection. There are various ways of browsing - I started off in the 'modern fabric' section and went from there.
Either a) create a blog entry about your set of fabrics; or b) if you don't have a blog, upload them somewhere they can be seen in one link - eg flickr, picasa, etc. You must include pictures of your fabrics. You can 'borrow' these from the FQS site. It would be very helpful to the judges if you could do a photo collage of your various prints. Instructions below if you don't know how - new IT skills are always useful!

Come back here and link in your entry by 15 January. Please link your photo collage as the thumbnail if you can! I'm going to post mine in the next few days. I started with one print I loved and worked others around it. My 'shortlist' ended up at about 23 fabrics and boy was it hard to cut down!

This is just a snippet of her post, but you get the idea. Stop by and see her blog and be sure to join in this fun contest!! I'll post my picks as soon as I figure out exactly which ones I want!


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  1. Oh my word. Just shoot me Danny! I have working on this for 3 days now, and I just want to pull my hair out!! Too many good choices! I can't narrow it down!


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